Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Information Technology offered by Department of Information Technology under the Faculty of Information Technology.
  • The courses are designed over semester basis. Wherein ten semesters are required for graduation.
  • The required 75 courses are distributed over the ten semesters with an average load 19.3 credit hours/semester.

Program Structure

Course TitleCredit Hour
Semester 1
Computer Related Mathematics3
Principles of Management2
Human Organizations3
Introduction to Economics2
Arabic Language I2
English Language I2
Religious Studies I2
Sudanese Studies2
Principles of Computer & IT3
Semester 2
Introduction to Programming C3
Public Administration3
Introduction to Statistics2
Organizational Behavior3
Arabic Language II2
English Language II2
Religious Studies II2
Basic Mathematics3
Semester 3
Arabic Language III2
English Language III2
Communication Skills2
Religious Studies III2
Database Systems3
Internet Technology & Web Design I2
Statistical Inference2
Computerized Accounting3
Semester 4
Visual Basic Programming3
Internet Technology & Web Design II2
Quantitative Methods2
Introduction to Data Structure2
Systems Analysis & Design I3
Semester 5
System Analysis & Design II3
Financial Management3
Numerical Computing2
Marketing Management3
Linear Algebra2
Analysis & Design of Algorithms3
Human Resources Management3
Research Methodology2
Semester 6
Operation Research3
Economic Forecasting & Modeling2
Fourth Generation Tools for Databases3
Data Communication and Network3
Environmental Studies2
Semester 7
Knowledge Logic & Reasoning Methods2
Semester Project3
Legal & Ethical of IT Issues2
File Management & Programming3
Network Design & Management3
Applied Computer Simulation & Modeling3
Financial Institutions2
Management Information Systems II3
Semester 8
Computer Graphics3
Software Engineering3
Information System Design3
Internet Computing Database3
Introduction to AI2
Secure Information System Management3
Introduction to Operating System3
Semester 9
Principles & Applications in Multimedia I2
Computer Application in Business Workshop3
Managing Information Technology3
Computer Assisted Management3
Final project I3
Further Topics In Computer Technology2
E- Commerce3
Semester 10
Data Mining & Machine Learning Systems3
Software Reliability and Quality Assurance3
Principles & Applications in Multimedia II2
Information & Knowledge Base Management3
Object Oriented Analysis & Design3
Final project I3
Total Credit Hour 188  

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