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Congratulation to Mazin

published on : 2016-10-24

The Dean and staff of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Future University would like to extend their deep congratulations to Mazin Ahmed - a student at the faculty - for his successful participation and talk at the Swiss Cyber Storm 2016 conference on Bug Bounty Hunting.

Swiss Cyber Storm 2016 is an international IT security conference in the domain of cyber attacks and defense. On the management and tech track, international experts talk about the latest findings, techniques, visions, opinions and lessons learned. It was a great opportunity for Mazin to participate in such a renowned international event.

A bug bounty hunter is a hacker who – through his/her computer security skills and expertise – can find vulnerabilities in software and websites.

Ahmed’ speech was entitled “Bounty Hunting in Sudan and Abroad”. The talk discussed Bug Bounty Programs from various domains. The talk discussed the usage of Bug Bounty Programs for companies, and how it can be implemented within a company to have better security cycle. He also explained common pitfalls done by companies, and how it can affect their Bug Bounty Program.

Again we congratulate Mazin on his success. He has made us all proud. His dedication, enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring. We wish him many years of great achievements!