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Future University


Postgraduate Studies

Master of Science in Computer Science

Master of Science in Computer Science Degree Program of Future University provides the students with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills, and experience to become successful practitioners and leaders in the field of Computer Science.
The Program is designed to prepare the students to pursue their careers as Computer Science professionals. It is suitable for students with a background in computing. The Program is organized to enhance students' understanding of the theories, concepts and practices of computer science, enabling them to develop new skills and competencies.
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Master of Science in Information System

The Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) program gives such an advantage by preparing the graduate students to manage information technology and information systems needs. The program combines new technologies and information systems to develop graduates who effectively confront the many complex issues of applying information technology successfully within organizations. In addition, emphasis is placed on problem-solving activities, multi-functional group decision making, and communication skills.
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Master in Data Communiction & Network Engineering

The Communication network engineering program allows our graduate students to gain knowledge and experience at the forefront of communication network technology. Future university is only Sudanese university to design and build real educational network with a multimedia delivery capability. You will gain first-hand experience of the technologies which go into networking and the planning of a various network such as VSAT, Broadband and wireless network. Design and implementation of communication network require a diverse range of knowledge, from Electronics and computing systems through to communication engineering for broadband communication.
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Master of Business Administration

The MBA program gives such an advantage by preparing the graduate students to manage their business needs. The MBA program will provide graduate students with a unique blend of managerial, technological and communications skills essential for success in the exciting field of business, marketing and telecommunication world.
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