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The Faculty of IT announced the opening of F courses

تعلن كلية الدراسات الأساسية و التعليم المستمر بجامعة المستقبل عن فتح باب التسجيل لدورات تدريبية

تعلن كلية العمارة بجامعة المستقبل عن تقديم دورة تدريبية في نمذجه معلومات المباني
(Building Information Modeling-BIM)


Letter of appreciation from an alumni of Future University 27-08-2014

Professor Carlos Pascual attends International Research Meetings at Addis Ababa 27-08-2014

Dr. El Tayeb Mustafa, took part in the conference of presidents of European and Arab Universities in Amman Jordan during 8-10 june 2014. 25-06-2014

The Projects Unit nominated two best final year graduation projects in the energy and petroleum Award "Nile Petroleum Science Innovation" 21-01-2014

Dr. Akram published a journal article in Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. 20-01-2014


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The Future University relief aid to the flood and rain effected peoples of West Nile State, Sudan. 22-08-2013

The Permanent Secretary of the foreign ministry of Burundi Ambassador Albert Shingiro visited Future University 21-08-2013

Visit of Major General Fathel Rahman Osman to Future University. 25-04-2013

The results of the Science Education Workshop at the Future University. 22-04-2013

Dr. Bruce Alberts, President Obama's First Science Envoy to the Islamic World is a Board Trustee Member at the Future University. 18-04-2013